I grew up on a farm in Myhrree, North East Victoria with my parents, two brothers and six sisters. There, I learnt to sew, knit and watch. I always enjoyed making and creating things from when I was young, such as sewing clothes or patchwork cushions as well as knitting baby booties and jumpers, through to now where I enjoy sewing quilts and clothes, knitting toys and blankets. Sometimes, some things just stay the same!.

University was an extension of these enjoyments for me - It was where I learnt to paint and I have been painting ever since. My paintings are more often than not a representation of what I see, what I feel or where I am. I enjoy the pure solidarity of painting as it is a place to escape, relax and think (without thinking).

I tend to paint towards creating my own exhibitions, occasionally also participating in group shows and when there is no exhibition to paint towards, then I just paint. When I am not painting I still like to sew, knit and watch.


  • 2015 Mayday, Mayday - solo show | Beechworth
  • 2013 From the cradle - solo show | Beechworth
  • 2011 Ladies day and childhood - solo show | Beechworth
  • 2008 Beaujolais - solo show | Beechworth
  • 2006 Cadreys and Sydney Royal Childrens Hospital prize - finalist in group show | Sydney
  • 2004 St Kilda arts - group show | St Kilda
  • 2004 Beehive gallery - group show | Albury
  • 2004 Recent paintings - solo show | Beechworth
  • 2003 Girls, balloons, teacups and cars - solo show | Beechworth
  • 2002 Girls and buildings - solo show | Beechworth
  • 2001 Bulle gallery exhibition - group show | Flinders Street Melbourne